Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SHITSTORM/WEEKEND NACHOS SPLIT (or a delusional fantasy)

You may stop to ask yourself,why would these two bands be on the chopping block together? Yes,they both share the fact that their songs are really short and fast. Sure Andres,they both were on This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1. Indeed,they both have ties to equally as awesome bands such as Harms Way or Mehkago NT,but this isn't the deliberation. No sir. You see,when I was presented with the honor of posting on this vinyl-exclusive blog,the first thing that popped up in my noggin was "What records will you post?". I chose these. Why? Here's why.

COMMON BOND #1. These records have horrible rips up on the internet. If you were to d/l the either of these,and let me tell you I have,you'd find a shit rate muffled ass garbage rip. Weaksauce. Using the awesome mighty power of the Sony USB turntable,this problem will cease. Your Ipod lists can thank us later.

COMMON BOND #2. I feel both records should have been a split together,considering the fact that the Chronic Bleeding Syndrome and The Gentle Art Of Chokin' sides are shit and not completely awful but bad,respectively. Had a brainiac put the record out,this could have been one of the most mammoth splits ever. Imagine that for a second...Shitstorm/Weekend Nachos? Thats the stuff that makes you stick to your pants when you wake up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Corrupted - various tracks

Hello everyone this is my first post at this here blog and I decided to give you a lil somethin' somethin' from one of my favorite bands. Corrupted.

Formed in 1994 in Osaka, Japan, Corrupted play some absolutely skull crushing sludge/doom with some of the best growled vocals ever (mostly done in Spanish!) and in my opinion are one of the forerunners of the genre. over the years they have incorporated more Ambient leanings but still bring the heavy sludge/doom.

The tracks compiled here are as follows...

1.Inactive (split LP w/ Noothgrush)
2.Reference (split 7" w/ Enemy Soil)
3.Nieve (Twin Threat to your Sanity double 7". I'll post the whole thing later)
4.Nieve Segundo (split 7" kind buds pic disc w/Phobia)
5.Paso Inferior( 2002 LP version I left out the ambient half of the song I may post whole thing later)
6.Empty(split 7" with Cripple Bastards.... this is one of their fastest tracks)

this is just a small sample of their extensive catalogue. Visit their website here.
Buy records here, here, and here. and I'm sure if you do an individual search for a particular record you can find something in a distro or else ebay would be your best bet since most releases are way out of print.

also make sure you visit my blog here.

Here are some photos I took of them in November of 2008 when they completely blew me away in Los Angeles (click on them to see full size)

Company Flow split w/ Cannibal Ox

Comprised of producer/MC El-P, MC Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len, Company Flow's music rejected the conventional hooks and jazz/funk samples favored at the time, opting instead for jagged, lo-fi and punishing sonics crowned with confrontational and highly literate word-play and rhyme patterns. The group's musical approach and legendary D-I-Y ethic went on to influence an entire genre for the past decade. Originally appearing as a self-released vinyl-only EP in 1995, their music caught the attention of underground hip hop and alternative music scenes worldwide, eventually landing them a deal with then unknown NYC hip hop label Rawkus Records. The release of the full length on Rawkus signified a new era in hip hop, and soon after the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monche and others followed suit. Company Flow's attitude and urgent approach gave birth to a movement that defined a new era within the hip hop world.- Def Jux

CAN*NI*BAL (noun): one that eats the flesh of its own kind OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade Cannibal Ox, a pair of MC's that devour their own kind with words as sharp as blades Harlem, NY natives Vordul Megilah and Vast Aire.- Def Jux

(There are also clean & instrumental versions of some tracks on the LPs. I didn't rip them due to the weaksauce factor.)

Everyone Please Welcome Andres Wade & Painajainen!!!

Between the three of us, our record collections could potentially be worth more than the continent on which you presently dwell.

I keed!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hemdale - 2 Tracks

HEMDALE was a short lived grind-gore band from Mentor, Ohio. In the time they were a band (1993 - 1997) they had an incredible impact on the underground grind/gore/death scene with a massive sound and ridiculous live performances.

In addition, drummer Craig Rowe was the mastermind behind Visceral Productions and responsible for a slew of underground bands being discovered and subsequently picked up by bigger labels. Among them: Nile, Exhumed, C.S.S.O., Adnauseum, Accursed, Embalmer, Dying Fetus, and his own Hemdale. -Relapse

Hemdale's Myspace Page

Here's 2 Tracks from the "Four Dollar Ohio Kings Compilation" that weren't released on the "Rad Jackson" LP. Contributed by new Author: Andres Wade

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Post: Thou - "Peasant"

Ok! So we'll start this whole thing off with THOU from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. THOU lay it down thick with some seriously Grim, Heavy as Shit, Blackened Cajun Sludge, & have even been known to "Get Pretty" from time to time. VERY HEAVY! Highly recommended For fans of Iron Monkey, Grief, Eye Hate God, etc...

Thou's Myspace

This is a rip of my personal copy of their sophomore LP released on Level-Plane @ 192 kbps.

Here they are being bad ass live.